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Cant really think about the rest of the season untill...


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Dec 12, 2001
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We beet the friggin Jets! I just don't see the point talking about how good we might be untill we kill that monkey on our back. Yes we could rebound, but if we lose it will tell me that we still aren't mentally tough enough to move to the next level. The Jets are a bad team, so if we can't beet them we will most likely get bounced in the first round again.
That doesn't make sense to me or due justice to history. Division rivals as we already know, know each other very well and have a major incentive to win. I want the Dolphins to win just as much as the rest of the Finheaven community. I just don't think it will be as devastating as everyone else seems to think if we lose. To get past the first round of the playoffs we have to be injury free and not exhausted. Not to mention better than the other team.

Dolphins 27 Jets 10
Normally I'd agree with you Merman. It's just one game. But in this case there seems to be a correllation between this damn streak and the damn playoff streak. It's mental attitude. If we can't find the mental toughness to rise above a very beatable Jests team then where's the toughness going to come from needed to rise above a better, play-off caliber team. Even with injuries last year, we were as good or better than the Ravens. They had us beat (with that mental toughness) before the game even started.
I do agree with you Merman... it won't be the end of the season IF the Phins lose, and it WONT be because the Jets are a better team, they aren't. If the Phins lose it will be due to their own mistakes... Like in the second half of the Colts game.

We SHOULD destroy the Jets, I'll be bummed if we do anything less. I hope the fins walk into Joe Robbie stadium (yes its still joe robbie to me) with the Swagger of a different team. Go in their with the confidence that this is their time...

Then they need to lower the barrell on the Jets and freaking blast them into another division... You know, something like the scence in the movie "Predator" when Arnold, Jesse the Body, and the rest of his seal crew just open fire in the middle of the jungle and basically level a quarter mile of jungle with machine gun fire. Thats what the Dolphins should do to the Jets.

Oh, and I want Jason Taylor to beat Strahans single season sack record on Vinny alone.

Is that asking too much...? Ok I'll take a win by 14.
This is not just one game. What this team would gain with a win over the Jets can't be compared to any other victory on our schedule this season. This streak has eaten away at the players and fans. If you think i am being over dramatic then look at how Zach erupted after the last loss to the Jets. Then you add the fact that it is a division game, and the fact if we atleast split with the Jets the last 2 years we would have had a 1st round bye, and second straight AFC East title.
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