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Carter,Atari,Means, and Rosegreen


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Feb 23, 2003
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Albion NY
This is my final wishlist. Id like one of these safeties,Center Vince Caarter, and run stuffer means..anyone have any info? :cool:
Means is the guy I really want still.
I don't think we need anymore dlinemen, we should sign Auburn S Rosegreen
Bigby has not been signed by anyone yet, at least not reported on the UCF forum.

I wouldn't mind having Bigby, I watched him play his whole career at UCF, the guy can bring the wood but is very very susceptible in pass coverage and cannot catch worth a darn. But he is intense and fearless and is a major hitter.
I really want to sign Rosegreen because he is a headhunter
The Dolphins signed DE Adell Duckett texas tech and De Van Brown Oklahoma St according to Draft Daddy AND KFFL
We didn't get Duckett or ***a.
WvFinFan said:
With Shazor gone, I def. want Rosegreen.

i really think rosegreen does not fit sabans kind of player at 5-10, all secondary guys will be 6 feet at least
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