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Carter Is Not A Cancer! / more CRAP from PFT (merged)


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Dec 12, 2001
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Carter Is Not A Cancer!

I wanted to put this in its own thread since it was out of context when i first wrote, so i apolagize if you already read this.

The attacks on Carter's personality is moronic. The guy played 16 seasons and had two huge blow ups on the sideline, and they both came the season that a playoff team from the year before had 1 beloved Viking die, another pro bowl RB quit on the team and the city, and had to deal with the biggest premadonna that ever has played this great game. It was an emotional year, and the Media made a circus out of the loss of Kory and Randy's comments. Carter is warrior and a winner and he cracked under the extreme preasure. I have coached in the past, and hope to make a life out of it, and I could honestly say I would take pride in Carter's actions last year. He tried to make his teamates acountable for quitting so early, but instead the Media make him look like a poor sport. I am a white middle class joe average and hate the "race card", but I think it was deffinitly played last year. Dan Marino had 2 of those tangents every season he was in the league, but the media made him out to be a natural leader, but Carter does it and he is a cancer. If Wayne Chrebet or Mccaffery did the same thing they would be labled as "spirited" players, and not whinners. The cancer in the locler room last year in Minn was a 4 headed monster: 1.Kory's Death 2. Randy's mouth 3. Robert Smith quitting 4. Probably the most important a coach that couldn't controll his team or pull them together.
man, it isn't about the blow-ups on the sideline.....ask any knowledgeable fan in minnesota and they will tell you ALL ABOUT his antics and criticisms in the media. Brett Favre was asked if he wanted CC in Green Bay and he said i think Favre would know better than you or me what CC is all about.

By the way, Favre was asked this while the Pack had NO WRs at all.....this was at the begining of free agency and before the draft.

Cris Carter is NO leader.
Comparing Carter to the likes of Marino, or even McCaffrey, is, well... he just isn't in their class. You didn't see Marino in a whining match with anybody on the sidelines. I remember several times in his last seasons where he was totally pissed at Jimmy Johnson. Angry, in a helmet-throwing mood, but Marino still held his tongue in check on the sidelines.

When it comes to Cris Carter (the man who dropped the "h" in his first name because Cris Collinsworth was his hero ~ seriously), it's all about him. "Team" doesn't matter as much. It's all about self-promotion. If you doubt that, look at his post-Minnesota search for a new team. (For once in my life, I was glad that Mike Martz has the personality that he does.)

A cancer? Maybe not. That might be best reserved for the Randy Moss types. But Carter can be devisive.

Check out what ProFootballTalk had to say about him:


The growing chorus of Dolphins players questioning the treatment of injured receiver Oronde Gadsden should be sending a strong message to his replacement, the recently unretired Cris Carter.

Tread lightly, old man.

Carter, who has a history of asserting himself (to put it as mildly as possible), will be faced with the major challenge of keeping his piehole in check unless/until the team accepts him.

It'll be a tall order for Carter to leave his sanctimonious nature in the trunk of his car as he joins the Dolphins. He's already made it clear that he's motivated only by the chance to win a Ring, which likely will make more than a few of his new teammates view him as an opportunist who is using their good start to put himself in position to fill the biggest void in his NFL career.

Really, Carter's Sauronic quest isn't likely to prompt him to keep his yap shut. If/when things get tough, Carter will be sounding off. He simply can't help it.

More accurately, he still doesn't seem to understand the connection between his words and deed and the manner in which others perceive him. He'll think he's helping the team by pointing out shortcomings, and he surely believes he's earned the right to do so, given his many accomplishments in the NFL.

But Carter's past means nothing to the guys in Miami, and we just can't see Carter fitting in with a bunch of guys who are already inclined not to like him, given that he's the replacement for Gadsden.

And there was this from the same site a day or two earlier:


Over the weekend we spoke to several NFL personnel guys who asked the same question we were thinking when we heard that Chris "A Legend In His Own Mind" Carter is going to sign with the Dolphins: "What in the hell are they doing down in Miami?" As one Pro Personnel guy said to us: "everything will be fuzzy and warm for awhile . . . I give Carter about three games - especially if the Dolphins are making a playoff run - before he starts whining and bitching about not getting the ball enough." An AFC scout told us "that forget all the other quotes that come out of that locker room . . . the Human Quote Machine (meaning Carter) will make sure that he floods the media with the same crap he used to say in Minnesota." Our take on the matter: Carter is one of the biggest phonies in the league . . . and we liked Len Dawson on HBO better, anyway.
Carter Is Not A Cancer!

....this is what Ive been trying to tell you guys all along!
OK, he's a canker. One of those festering sores you guys get inside your lips after visiting the local Miami crack ho's
I just remember everybody saying similar things about Ricky when he was signed... All we heard was "Ricky is headcase", "Ricky is a cancer", and "Ricky will ruin this team." well, I hope that people are just as wrong about this as they were about Ricky.
More CRAP from PFT......


Honestly, Profootballtalk is out of line on this one. While I think they give some good, reliable inside info very often, this is nothing more than some guys worthless opinion. This IS NOT an inside scoop or anything, this is someone who really doesn't like Chris Carter, and is talking crap about him. There are no facts in here, there are no quotes from Dolphins players, agents, coaches, scouts or anything, its just this MORON'S opinion. This has no place in their rumor mill, where things are usually true. This belongs in the trash can with the rest of the garbage......
First off let me address this:

"Check out what ProFootballTalk had to say about him"

That website is the cancer of miseducation of football fans! Every rumor about football has started there, and I think 1 true story they have credit for. They are the National Inquirire of football.

Show me 1 other story from Minn about Carter not being a team leader from anyseason but last year. It didn't happen! Last year was complete meltdown for the whole team if you can't understand that you don't understand life moreless football. You don't make it 16 years in this league as a cancer. You do make it 16 years in this league having 1 of the grueling off season programs of any player in this league. Everyone was so quick to point out how Carter was hurting Moss, and took advantage of having him on the feild at the same time. Well Carter left and 7 weeks later Randy is doing nothing on the feild, and has already been aressted once.

From about '88-'95 Marino had about 20 meltdowns on the sideline. From grabbing players to yelling at players in the huddle to yelling at coaches on the sideline. Nothing was ever mae of it because it was him showing how bad he wanted to win, but it happend none the less. I am sure if you asksome die hards that live in Florida who saw all the games they will tell you the same thing.
i love marino, but come on! he wouldn't wait til the sidelines to yell at a guy, he'd do it right on the field... often. don't change history to try making a point.

favre was asked about carter when the team still had antonio freeman up in the air. are you going to alienate a guy you have history with (and who could have still had a future with the team) for a possibility?

pro football talk clearly has a grudge. everybody who says he's a cancer--where's the documentation from teammates, coaches, co-workers? those are the only people who would know, and i haven't seen any evidence from them.

you can dislike carter if you want. he does have an ego and he does do some talking. we have some players on the fins that do quite well at that already. but that's not going to tear a team apart. and as for crying for the ball: does nobody remember jerry rice doing that very thing as terrel owens was emerging? i'd worry about the receiver who doesn't want the ball.
Can Carter be a good player? Absolutely

When Favre was asked about Carter, it is true that Freeman was still on the team (if you want to be technical), but Schrodier and Bradford were gone. Yes we had Glenn (and was not sure how that was going to turn out) but to state that Favre made that statement out of not wanting to hurt Freeman's feelings is BS.

Did Favre want Freeman to stay? Sure. But regardless of whether Freeman stayed or not, Favre did not think that Carter would be a good fit for the Packers. An opinion that many Pack fans agree with.

I look at Carter going to Miami in the same way that I did about Freeman going to Philly.

Freeman production on the field had greatly diminished yet he is doing better (so far) with the Eagles.

The same thing can happen with Carter. He is making less money playing for the Fins. He wants to play again and I can not fault him for that.

Will he be more of a team player with the Fins? Hope so for your teams sake (just not when he's playing against us ;) ) If he doesn't, no big deal. Not like the team broke the bank on him, and he only signed a one year contract.
good analysis squirrel - bottom line: we needed someone to replace OG and Carter is that somebody. If he is great, that's awesome, if he is as good as OG, then we are solid. If he mouths off, then Wanne needs to step and shut him up if appropriate
squirrel: i wans't saying he made the statement not to hurt freeman's feelings, but what team needs two posession receivers that both want the ball a lot? it's like wannstedt saying "we're not interested in cris carter" all week before they signed him. when they didn't know the story with gadsden, they didn't want to say anything to sway his decision either way. feelings? i don't think they entered in.
Just like Terry Glenn - CC will be on his best behavior for the Fins. I don't think he will be opening his mouth at ALL for the remainder of this season, unless he wants to end his last chance of resurrecting his NFL career.
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