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CBS Sportsline on Robert Edwards/More


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Mar 3, 2002
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The only major hole on the Dolphins roster appears to be at the left tackle slot. Brent Smith is currently slated to start, but the Dolphins might have to make a shift if he cannot produce with more consistency. Marcus Spriggs is another option, but team people are down on him for speaking up on behalf of the released Daryl Gardner.

Bucs DT Warren Sapp walking up to Wannstedt as they left the teams' locker areas insisting he had been misquoted the previous day. It was reported Sapp told the Dolphins coach he should bench No. 75, veteran guard Todd Perry.

"Since when is Todd Perry No. 65?" Sapp boasted to the coach. "I didn't say 75, I said 65, that's the guy I was talking about."

Guard Troy Andrew, by the way, is that poor chap who Sapp was pushing for a pink slip.
BTW - Troy Andrew got into a little scrap with Sapp on Saturday. Think that had anything to do with it??
Well you think you'd have any bad blood for a guy you just got into a fight with?
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