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CHAMBERS' "Official" Nickname?


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May 20, 2002
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Superman? I see alot of you guys referring to him as Chris "Superman" Chambers.. I think it fits him perfectly. Especcialy in context with that picture from the TENN game last year.

So do you think it is catching on elsewhere? Do teammates refer to him as Supe yet?

I cant wait til I hear Berman say " And here's Chris SUPERMAN Chambers with another spectacular catch to save the day!"

The day Chris Berman gives the Dolphins any kind of credit for anything, I will be smoking Cubans with Dan Marino on his deck at his mansion.
nick name.......................

i think chris "torture" chambers is the best one i have heard yet.
Got to go with torture if he can punish the opposing team, just hope he can get his clayton/duper on the other side.
The Torcher still the best one I've heard. IMO.
Here we go again. We had about 10 pages worth of this topic last year & an official poll on the main page.
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