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Chambers Out!!!!


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Nov 18, 2001
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Miami Lakes,FL
Bad news!! I just heard on WQAM that Chris Chambers is out for Sundays game! That sucks! Hopefully the PHINS can still get vertical on the RAVENS, but our deep threat is out!! GO PHINS!!
that sucks

Ward and McKnight better step it up

Wanne said if he does not practice today...and he did not. :cry:
Originally posted by ravensjeff
Well, which is it? In or Out???
it don't sound good - or maybe Wanne is just messin' w/the Ravens :rolleyes:
you guys really need Chambers badly. I really like him against the Ravens Secondary.
This just means McKnight needs to step up. He is fast, and also I heard Robert Baker was going to be promoted from the practice squad. Anyone else remember this guy blowing past the Bucs secondary in pre season last year?

I would love to see Baker in the game
it seems as though................

this is another, "sit on the edge of your chair and see which team shows up!":(
Chambers status is still iffy He is now a "game-time decision.''

other notables:

Receiver Robert Baker, on the team's practice squad, might be added to the active roster and could be activated for the game.

Safety Shawn Wooden (ankles) returned to practice and will play on special teams, but fullback Rob Konrad (ribs) did not practice again, and will not play

With Konrad out, I hope we go 2 TEs w/Minor as HB lots and do lots of short passes to Minor, OG and Jed.
and not just a polite nod either.............

i'd like to see large doses of minor, let him into the flow of the game. not just token appearances. let him get the feel of the game!;)

I hope we go 2 TEs w/Minor as HB lots and do lots of short passes to Minor, OG and Jed.
I would love to see Siragusa chasing Minor around, it would be like a walrus chasing a grasshopper.:lol:
I would want to see Siragusa chasing anyone around. It would be funny if he played linebacker for a day.
i here their taking.............

siragusa to del taco before the game for lunch. ravens could have a real explosive team before game time!:lol: :lol: :lol:
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