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Sep 4, 2002
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Has anyone noticed that there has been so much talk of the specifics of Jay's injury and his condition and very little about Chris'? I realize that they reported he had an MRI today and was still experiencing headaches but that was it. I hope this is a good sign but I would think with all the media coverage of the hit they would do more to let us know. I know I am such a mom but I would feel better knowing that there are no concerns about brain swelling, etc.
I tend to think that if there were any major concerns.. it would be released... last I heard was Wanny saying "Chris is fine... he'll be alright"
I'm sure he'll play next week. Its a concussion sure enough, but it shouldn't keep him from playing next week I don't think. If he was going to be out any length of time we'd have heard about it, like Fiedler.
Thank God for that. Not because we need him on the field, but because I've been tackled like that, and have experienced the pain. No one should ever have to go through the headaches you have. I actually cringed when I saw the hit. No matter what the Bronco fans say, Kennedy was deliberately trying to injure him. Classless......
I don't think Kennedy was trying to injure him. Kenoy ever since college just likes to go for the big hits that make the crowd react. Its good for him because those kinds of hits really put fear in a player and changes the way they play. But its bad because ever since college he doesn't control his body well enough on these big hits to make sure that his head isn't spearing the guy.
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