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Chances of making the playoff


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Mar 8, 2002
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If the fins can't make the playoff this year and we have few draft picks this next year, and can't get a decent quarterback . Who can we trade to get an experience quarterback? Jayson Taylor?
Man, chill out. We still have the second best record in the conference and Jay is back in a few weeks. No one in his right mind is trading Jason Taylor.
We aren't trading anyone. We will be fine. We are going to win the Super Bowl. Every team loses games, even teams that win it all.
Uh we will make the playoffs, we won't trade Jason Taylor, and Jay will still be our QB. Plus having the last pick in every round isn't that great anyways!! LOL!!
Is there a fantasy forum where this can be moved to? ....seroiusly , look at our division....we are the best team, I dont know how far we'll go but we'll go!
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