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Changing status level


Chick Magnet
Feb 28, 2002
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Key West, FL
Hey I noticed a lot of y'all have custom names instead of "rookie" or "veteran". My profile doesn't have a status level space to change mine, how'd you do it? thanks...:)
1)At the top of the screen click on "user cp".
2)Click on Edit Profile.
3)Scroll down to "Custom User Text", it's the section below your birthday.
4)Put in whatever you want, as long as it's less than 25 charactors.
5)Click "Submit Modifications" at the bottom of the screen
6)Whala, it's done.
hmm, directly under my b-day is the next section titled "additional information", there's no custom user text box to type in.:confused:
I dont know then. Maybe you need a certain amount of posts to access that option.
No, you don't. Its under profile, where it says current status. Right below it is a textbox where you can put a new one.
Actually, you must be registered for 10 days and have a minimum posts of 10. However, when I thought about it... it was pretty stupid to have that, so now you just have to have a minimum of 10 posts.

Thus, Frank-n-Furter, you should be able to change your status level to whatever you want.
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