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Changing the name on your Jersey


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Sep 7, 2003
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What up fellow dolphin fans. Just want to let you guys know about this company that changes the name on AUTHENTIC Jerseys. I sent them my #34 jersey and they were able to change the name from williams to my last name. It looks really good! So if you want to know the website let me know. I'm not sure if i can post it!! :wink:
wats the web site and how much does it cost...but the only thing is i dont have a authentic jersey.
thanks man
yes i need this website to i have like 10 jerseys ii could use a new name on them most are running backs konrad, collins, williams, avery, jabar, just to name a few
konrad, collins, avery, jabar... wow thats a fins fan rite there!
I'm interested....where did you go?

Why not post it dude??

It is Dolphin related.
i used it to change my williams to chambers. they do a very professoinal job. i took off all the williams stuff myself so you may have to take it off to save money when seing it to them. those #'s take forever to get off so don't think it will be a 5 min deal.

i think the cost was between $60-$80
Losman7 said:
Isn't Ricky coming back???


just saw that....i got more than one authentic williams...which reminds me...they dont have the material to change the aqua...only the white...not to sure about replicas though!!!
anybody know of a website that shows you what you need to change on name on the back of a jersey or were you can send it to ai got about 8 or 9 fin jersey's of players that dont play with us anymore
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