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May 5, 2002
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Not posting anymore stuff downstairs. Best keeping it up here for some intelligent debate. Nice piece by the PFW Inner Circle guys on Crowder and his stock. Be really interesting to see where he falls.

"Crowder had three ACL injuries before he even entered Florida and had to delay his enrollment at the university because of the injuries. Some teams have said they wouldn’t touch him until the sixth or seventh round because their doctors say he won’t last four years in the league. Others have removed him from their draft boards completely, meaning they will not draft him regardless of how far he falls.

Character issues will not help him. He’s a leader on the field and highly respected  one of the few sophomores ever to be voted a team captain in Florida history. But he is still immature off the field, as evidenced by his multiple arrests for fighting and intentionally knocking mirrors off cars.

Crowder is a good football player. He’s a big, instinctive, downhill plugger and based strictly on tape review, he is talented enough to be drafted in the first round, especially given the weak MLB class this year. But I think Crowder’s situation will mirror what happened with Boss Bailey two years ago. Many forecasted Bailey to be drafted in the first round, but he slid to the beginning of the second, in large part because of prior knee injuries to both legs. I would rate Crowder’s injuries to be more serious than Bailey’s, and he could fall further.

To his credit, his agent, Joel Segal, sent him to see nationally renowned orthopedic surgeon James Andrews and has sent a letter out to all 32 teams. The letter, which PFW has seen, states that the 21-year-old linebacker visited Andrews on March 23, 2005, and includes the following:

“The patient has had three anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions on the right knee, and a right partial medial meniscectomy. He has had one anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction on his left knee. The current grafts in place are both autografts to bone, patellar tendon bone, and with these grafts, he has had three years without any problems. He currently participates in all sorts of activities without any swelling present in either knee, or any instability episodes. He played last season with no bracing on either knee and without any problems. Both knees are stable at this time with no evidence of any degenerative changes.

“There is no reason why this young man cannot continue to play football, even at the highest level with the current status of his knees. He has played collegiate football at a competitive university for two years without any problems in his knees. He has excellent strength of both legs. I feel confident that the patient is not at any increased risk of having additional ACL tears. He is released at this time for all football activities.â€Â

Andrews’ endorsement could help Crowder, but teams are much more likely to trust the evaluation and opinions of their own doctors. Regardless of his health status, the character concerns are still an issue. Factoring all the risks involved with selecting this player, it would not be a surprise to see Crowder fall to the late second or even third round."
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