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Check out the Policies

I agree to the policies AJ. They are fair except NO ONE better call me anymore choice words. I do not take ANY of it personally because I know it is ALL lies. If any of you truly knew me, you would know I have a great sense of humor, but this crap was just NOT funny. :rolleyes: Anymore personal attacks towards me will go straight to AJ. That I promise! :evil:

Thanks AJ! :cool:
Who would say anything bad about you miadphan13? You are beautiful!
Because now we can't use them at all. Even though they are censored, people can tell which one they are out of context.
Ice, just TRY and express yourself without swearing. People will take you more me. :D
I like nugfodrol, very original... LoL... and I think most of us agree with that statement, and that signature of yours
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