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Chicago Fire to make offer to Zidane

He can show all the youngsters how to head butt someone in the sternum.

This is definetely the wrong way to do things, they are just up to bring in elephants, they should be bringing in young future stars, of course future stars would never ever go to america, but the way to get them to do that is not by making america a elephant cementary for soccer players.
So it begins...

Did'nt they learn a lesson from the NASL?

I think the problem the NASL had was trying this stuff immediately, before the league had a sound financial footing. MLS is established and has a strong financial foundation, which affords them the opportunity to increase their profile with some glitzy signings.

Besides, to call Zidane an elephant is unfair. He probably wasn't the best player at the World Cup, but he was surely one of the best five. That tells me there's still gas in the tank.
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