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Chris Berman's Super Bowl Predictions


Now completely imaginary
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Feb 3, 2002
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2002.........EAGLES vs. PATRIOTS ("Here's a SB NO ONE is predicting!!")

2003.........49ERS vs. BILLS ("Our Silver Anniversary Season")

Who would Berman root for next year?? Those are his two favorite teams!! lol.
Incredible the way the Giants shut down Owens for 58 minutes. Prevent D prevents you from winning.
but in the end Owens got them. All it took is one play and he did it.
Originally posted by clumpedplatelet
Notice he didn't say the Fins............he knows his football :lol:

When was the last time any of Chris Bermans stupid predictions were right?
good point, he goes like 4-77 every season on predictions.
Now that Miguel Lorenzo on Fin makes some awesome predictions.:D LOL.

:monkey: Chris Berman
You know what, I don't think the Giants played that great on Owens. I thought Owens played a piss poor game. It didn't look to me like he was double covered all that much. Given, I can't see the safety on T.V. usually but I still think he was on single coverage most of the time. Also, he dropped some passes he could of caught. I know it's hard to catch a ball when you get drilled but if you get two hands on it, it doesn't matter how hard Omar Stoutmire hits you, you gotta hang on. He says he is gonna get 2000 yards. Not with those hands he's not, he better to learn to catch the ball when he gets nailed, because that's football baby. HIT HIT HIT!
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