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Chris Carter


May 22, 2002
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Homestead, FL.
The new "Chris Brothers" Era Is begining and I am really EXCITED.
:D :D :D :D :D :D . So sit back and enjoy the show:eat: because he has something to prove and wants a ring.
What does everyone think about this pick up? I think we desperately need somebody with his exprerience at the WR position. If Gadsen would return than I would call this a good move.
until we have a QB who can get the ball to open WRs, it is hard to get excited about adding a WR.
Cris "looker room Cancer" Carter. Interesting very interesting. Will Lucas be throwing?
Lucas can get the ball to him, he had a bad game it happens. He was trying to hard yesterday, the coaches will settle him down and tell him just to play ball.

And about Carter being a locker room " Cancer" I dont think it will apply here, in the worst case senario, Chambers finally has a reciver who he models after who will teach him and show him the ropes. Carter knows he is coming here to win a Super Bowl and he knows what he needs to do to get there and that is show leadership in the Locker Room.
You guys don't have enough cap room to keep Carter for the next few years. He wants a 6 year deal.
Originally posted by justafan
You guys don't have enough cap room to keep Carter for the next few years. He wants a 6 year deal.
he just signed for 2002 only :confused:
Carter has been known to be a great player and great locker room presence... this cancer thing started in the last year or two.. it was mostly because of him and Moss yelling at each other on the sidelines.. I think we can see the problem was more Moss then it was Carter.. I think he will be a great tutor for chambers.
I am looking forward to seeing the difference in chambers that I think Carter will make. Can you picture it, Chambers and Carter Line up accross from each other which reciever do you double and which one do you keep in Single Coverage. ANd how many 8 man fronts do you think we will see from now on, they have to respect the receivers dont they
I think Chris will help the team, I also agree the Ray just had a bad day trying to hard. It was alot to expect of a backup qb and 2 backup recievers with 1 week to get ready. I expect better after the bye week, Anybody know how bad Farve is hurt I've heard two different stories on the injury. It could be the battle of the backups on Monday Night Football in 2 weeks:confused: :confused:
Chris Carters Deal is Estimated at $600k gauranteed and $700k in Incentives. And he will report to the player meetings immediately. I am not worried about his conditionin I will only be worried about the timing between him and Lucas.
we should sign Randall Cunningham

he has a nice repoire w/CC, Sr and has to be betta than Ray.

Wonder when I will get sick of dis'ing Ray :stuck:
What I read was he was asking for atleast a $1.5mm contract for 3 years. But we saw what he settled for. Either he was desperate to play or He truly beleives he can with the ring with us.

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