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CHUNKY Fantasy Draft Game

I filled mine out yesterday. I probably won't come close to the actual draft.
For mine, I assumed we traded with Minnesota for #7 and #18.
where is benson is he on the chart??????

Nope you have to the throw in those unnamed wild cards for players that arent listed. But that is pretty ridiculous that they left him out considering he's one of the top prospects.
this is mine

1. Rodgers, Aaron; California, QB
2. Edwards, Braylon; Michigan, WR
3. Williams, Mike; USC, WR
4. Brown, Ronnie; Auburn, RB
5. Smith, Alex; Utah, QB
6. Rolle, Antrel; Miami (Fla), CB
7. 1st Unlisted Draftee (Wildcard 1) Cedric Benson
8. Williams, Carnell; Auburn, RB
9. Jones, Adam; W.Virginia, CB
10. Johnson, Derrick; Texas, LB
11. Merriman, Shawne; Maryland, DE
12. 2nd Unlisted Draftee (Wildcard 2) Elton Brand
13. Spears, Marcus; LSU, DL
14. Rogers, Carlos; Auburn, CB
15. James, Erasmus; Wisconson, DE
16. Davis, Thomas; Georgia, S
17. Johnson, Travis; Florida State, DT
18. Williamson, Troy; S Carolina, WR
19. Brown, Jammal; Oklahoma, OL
20. Clayton, Mark; Oklahoma, WR
21. Cody, Dan; Oklahoma, DE 3rd Unlisted Draftee (Wildcard 3)
22. Barnes, Khalif; Washington, OT
23. Crowder, Channing; Florida, LB
24. 4th Unlisted Draftee (Wildcard 4) Matt Roth
25. Miller, Heath; Virginia, TE
26. Jackson, Marlin; Michigan, CB
27. 5th Unlisted Draftee (Wildcard 5) Brodney Pool
28. Pollack, David; Georgia, DE
29. Miller, Justin; Clemson, DB
30. Ware, Demarcus; Troy State, DE
31. 3rd Unlisted Draftee (Wildcard 3) Shaun Cody
32. 6th Unlisted Draftee (Wildcard 6) Odell Thurman
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