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CK, you might get your wish.


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Dec 26, 2001
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If the rumors are true and the Dolphins and Vikings have agreed on a deal that will give Miami the 7th and 18th pick, you may see Miami take Matt Jones with the 18th pick.

I'd be curious to see if Nick Saban is one of the coaches that wants to work on Matt's QB mechanics and give him a shot at quarterback down the road. Nick has stated that he wants a developmental quarterback, and you don't get anymore developmental than Matt Jones. In the meantime, Matt can play the Jim Jensen jack of all trades role on the team.

Of course, I'd like to see them take Jason Campbell with that pick.
So guys...who will be there at #7 overall.

I agree on Jones at 18. I don't see Saban passing on him unless there's a big slide player available.

I say at 7 its one of these guys:
CB A. Rolle
RB C. Williams
RB Benson
QB Rodgers
WR M. Williams

Could OT A. Barron drop to #7 overall...that might be a great value there.
Barron doesn't carry a value that high.

I believe at pick 7, Cadillac is the most likely of the running backs. I believe Rolle will be off the board at 6, though there does seem to be a split among the coaches there over Rolle and Pac Man.
If we do get Jones, I would like to see him play strictly at I think it would be a waste to trap him under center.
If we get to 7 I think this: stay where you are and take Carlos Rodgers, Cadillac or Mike Williams, maybe Derrick Johnson. Or deal down some if you can and get Thomas Davis or David Pollock.

And here's a name at 7. Troy Williamson.
KB, how recent is the Vikings rumor? I know it was a hot rumor about two days ago, then died. Has it been resurrected?
There was an unsubstantiated rumor that a deal had been agreed upon, but I have my doubts about it. I think Miami would rather deal with Cleveland and pick up a 2nd round pick to move down one spot. That way, they stay within range of Ronnie Brown.

Ronnie Brown is the guy we want, and I still believe that we take him at 2 if we don't trade down.
I haven't seen anything about it, so I'll assume it's just a rumor. Thanks for the update.

If we swap with Tampa at 5, we probably still get Brown, btw. Minny at 7 is a crapshoot, though I still believe we'd get him.
So much intrigue. We really ought to keep score of all these mocks to see who had it right most!
After sleeping on it, I want more than two 1st rounders for Braylon Edwards or Alex Smith.
I hope we get a mid rounder or player with those 1's...even if the pick is next year.
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