Coaches film of dolphins vs 49ers-observations


Sep 22, 2003
Reaction score
Hunt- Incredible for first start. Rarely missed a block. Strength, foot quickness and balance. Got tired in 4 th quarter or relaxed a bit.
Kindly-Excellent. Amazing strength, locks on and there done. Physical! Aggressive! Right side is already far superior to left side of line despite inexperience.
Karas-Solid and mediocre. Actually improved as game went along. Does well on cross blocks. Lacks strength and Skill. If we could pick up a good center in second round would really help line excel.
Flowers- Good player. Nice signing. Not as good as kindley and it’s not even close but a good player. When he pulls its hit and miss. When he takes on someone one on one does well.
Davis- Will make a good 6 th man. Does solid but definitely not someone you want going against a star DE.
Cox-Not overpowering but rarely missed a block. Did well.
Shaheen-I thought blocking was a strength. He was a weak link.
Passrush- With great corners they can blitz more freely and get away with it. No great rushers and definitely could use a real threat here. Secondary played great. Already a strength. Check down was often only play available. Linebacker coverage was mediocre. Could use one great linebacker who can do it all or a NT who can really stop the run. Clearly missing pieces.
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