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Comcast cable has profiles of Brown and Roth


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Mar 17, 2005
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If anyone has comcast cable on demand there is about five min. long profiles on these two drafties, it shows some game highlights and combine footage. It didn't have footage on the other drafties I believe it was only for the top 50. The footage on Brown was pretty good the best part was when he was lined up as a wr when they were playing LSU, he ran a quick route caught the ball and through one person trying to tackle him to the ground with one arm then ran for some yardage and then finally it took five guys to take him down. Roths footage was nice he looks like more of a speed rusher, very active. He is in the top five for DE in speed coming out, only one down side well not really a down side just he can't bull rush bigger tackles he gets handled when he does that he's just needs to use his speed for now against bigger tackles until he gets stronger. They both looked good just from seeing that footage, I thought I would share this info for anyone who has comcast on demand so someone could view it or just pass on some info about the footage for those who don't have it.
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