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Coming down for Pats game


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Oct 2, 2002
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Hello Everyone!

First time to post, but read this forum everyday! We are coming down for Pats game Sunday, and staying at Shula's Hotel and Golf. Any other DOLFANS staying there?
I hear that the team stays there on Saturday nights before home games? What are the chances to meet some of the team?

Any tips on places to go on sunday after the game?

See Ya There!!!!

Welcome to the board

Hey man, is it true that Kentucky's #1 crop is grass? Smokin' some homegrown and sippin' some home 'stilled. That's gotta be one cool place to live.:rocker:
Welcome aboard kydolfan... look forward to chattin with ya.

I am not sure if the Dolphins stay at a hotel prior to Sundays. Every time I went to the game, the Dolphin players came to the stadium in their own car or motorcycle. If they were all coming from one place, I would imagine they would go on a team bus. But, I may be wrong.

As for after the game, someone else can probably give you a few tips. I've always stayed around the stadium and tailgated some more (usually only if we won though.. lol :lol:)

Anyways, if you have any questions just let me or another Admin/Mod know...

you are correct,ky ,i was there last yearand met a few players,and coach wannstedt.i also will be there for the ravens game nov 17
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