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Complaint On Dolfan 06


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Aug 27, 2002
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He has gone too far now....please check out the threads in The Lounge, before he decides to delete the evidence.

they are :

proud to be an American

didn't you know this would happen

Actually the out of line part doesn't happen until the 'didn't you know this would happen' thread, the other is fine.
I've read both of the threads, and they both are controversial topics. Furthermore, you both have different opinions on the subject. Who's opinion is correct? I'll leave that subject alone.

I will simply close the subject so nobody else can reply. Thank you for bringing the subject to my attention. However, I really don't see any reason to give any more action.

The issue wasn't about his opinion, he has a right to that, the issue was his attitude and conduct towards me. And now by closing the threads, you help further inhibit free speech.

Your closing comment on locking the thread: "However, just to remind everyone. This part of the forum is made for people to talk about any subject and give their opinions freely."

And you close it because it's too controversial ? What am I not getting?
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