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Congrats on the win


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Sep 9, 2002
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This was a great game. Congrats on being 2-0. ;)

I am glad that this game is over and that we made it out pretty healthy, which is great in a game like this.

I think that our defense really gelled in the second half and I really think that we will be a solid defense soon. I know that you guys aren't use to us stopping you late in the game so you must have noticed some improvements yourself.

It came down to the last play and what more can you ask for as a fan?

I have a feeling that we may meet up in the playoffs in January. Good luck until then ;)
Was a good game but you need to get this thought (along with the others who are jumping on that bandwagon):


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If we meet Miami in the playoffs.....
Then we will beat them. We are the better team and we will be even better by the time the playoffs come around.

I really liked the second half performance that we showed. We are for real!!"

Sorry but the Dolphins clearly came out and played very conservatively in a "run the time out" manner. The TV announcers knew it.......the radio announcers knew it.....the players knew it and every dolphin fan here is complaining about it.
Well I saw it as good defense and I think that it will be just as an exciting game in the playoffs. If we are lucky enough to meet up. ;)
We should have blown you completely out of the stadium.
And why is that??????

If you want to talk about woulda shoulda then what do you think would have happened if Fielder would have had a few passes tipped in the air by his receivers? This game could have went either way! If we squared up and did it again then we would be the more improved team.

I hope that we see you in the playoffs. I also hope that you work on a thing called class before that day comes.

Like I said good game. See you soon. ;)

The Colts were lucky to even be in this game....

We should have put you guys away when we had the chance....

It was much closer than it should have been.....

Yes the Colts were lucky to be in this game. They are terrible, they wont even win the division. They have one of the weakest defensive units in the league. That’s why teams will score so many points on them.
I'm just glad that we don't have to face the Colts again this year. Once that young defense gets some experience, they are going to be a major handful for anyone.

'Do or do not.......there is no try'
CA thanks for comming back. There's no reason the Colts cant compete with anyone in that division and you cant make the playoffs. I dont think you'll face anyone as tough as the Phins for the rest of the year. Indy is picked to go to the playoffs and you wont face any tough RB's like Ricky from here on out till you get in the playoffs.
what everyone just did in this thread was rude and disrespectful right now i am ashamed to be a finfan because of what just happened in this thread...a colts fan comes back and says congrats and you give him a hassle about
Chill ThomasOwnsYou. The guy said that if we meet again, it would be a different winner. He also said that if a few passes had been tipped, it would have also had a different winner. These guys are just arguing against those statements bro......
aight well they gave him a hard time before he said anything but..its cool
I can't resist sticking my nose in here. CA came here trying to be a gracious loser. He never said the next game would produce a different winner. He was hoping you guys would toss him a bone and say that their defense is improving. He said he hoped to meet Miami in the playoffs, and that game should be as exciting.
It was after some fin fans responded with smack that he commented about "what if some of Fiedler's passes had been tipped." Even then he didn't predict a different winner. He said, "This game could have went either way!" He also predicted his team would improve more rapidly than the Fins. That still is not bragging that the next time would find the Colts victorious.
As a third party observer, I agree with ThomasOwnsYou (first post) and Sherif. Not every fin fan is classless, but there's a whole slew of you who are.
I'm just speaking truth...many people have really soft feelings.

I was more mad that the Colts kept it close than talking any kind of smack and anyone who reads my posts knows I have supported the Colts all along this week.

It was a good game because the Phins made it that way, it's like the Raiders tonight, they got a lead by passing and kept on passing because it kept on working.

Dave just has to run the ball even if he doesn't need to, the pass was working and we were movingat will. Those tipped passes are part of teh game, if his WR's catch the ball or his D-lineman tip some passes then we would have seen some tipped passes and found out what happened. Don't write those plays off as luck because someone needs to still make the play.

Thanks for coming back CA, but I sure hope you don't think you know whether someone has class or not by making a simple post of fact.

To say the Colts were a better team is laughable to anyone who watched the game.
Originally posted by ThomasOwnsYou
what everyone just did in this thread was rude and disrespectful right now i am ashamed to be a finfan because of what just happened in this thread...a colts fan comes back and says congrats and you give him a hassle about

I agree with you. Looks like a Jet fanboard here. As I said in another thread, Colts fans are the classiest bunch I've ever met. I know I wouldn't go onto another teams board to congratulate them on beating us! Thanks for the congrats CA and if we do meet in the playoffs, If I'm the Colts I'd be looking for wherever Fletcher is lined up and throwing there!

Did we spend a first rounder on that guy? Nah couldn't have!
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