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Go Denver Broncos
Nov 28, 2001
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Casper Wyoming
Congrats on Beating us today .... Good Game ......... Good luck with Rest of Year ......... I am Going to Garage and Beat the Tar out of my Raider Dummy
Congrats on your win today.

hopefully we'll see each other in the playoffs, though it's not looking as good for us right now. Good luck the rest of the way.

Mia- I saw you had some fun with the witless raider-retards this week at CyberHigh LOL..... you go girl!
Good game...

Miami. We had you, then choked in the fourth as usual. Nice way to cash in. Miami obviously just wanted the win more than us. :( Good luck for the remainder of the season and playoffs!
I don't want to face

The Broncos again in the playoffs. If Smith were healthy you would have won that game. But he wasn't and you didn't, and you won't make the playoffs so it doesn't matter. See you next year...
I agree

Had us beat and Beat us are two different things. You did not beat us. I said you would have with Rod. You did not have him and you did not beat us... It's plain and simple. Trust me I know we got lucky I saw Kenny Mixon make that INT he didn't even know he had it. Your cornerbacks played some great D, but just like when our Defense played great against the Jets it didn't help.
Well, I am not going to boast about the win, but I wouldn't be a true Dolphin fan if I wasn't at least happy about our victory. I must say that you guys (Bronco fans) have been the classiest bunch to post on this board. I hope I was able to bring you guys some entertainment this week by smacking down the Gayder fans. I did have some help from some really cool Dolphin friends and you know who you are. ;) I do apologize if I took it too far and offended anyone, but that is the only smack a Gayder fan understands. Good luck for the rest of your season and I will continue to send the losing vibe the Raiders way. :lol:

GO KANSAS CITY CHIEFS!! Run that Priest Holmes right up their...... :lol:
Your classy yourself

13, 06, have been more then classy. Its easy getting along with you fine fans. Unlike most Raider fans, You all GET IT.
Facing the Broncos in the playoffs doesn't interest me, I remember what happened when we last faced them in the playoffs.:(
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