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Cool Site News (For Me Anyways...)


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Sep 2, 2001
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Atlanta, GA
Well, I just got my mail today, and received a letter from our registar (people that we "register with). And I thought, "oh great, another bill" you know, why else will a company mail you? LOL

Anyways, I opened it up only to find out that tomorrow will be exactly when I bought the name "FinHeaven".

Basically, I'm saying this, tomorrow is FinHeaven's five year birthday!

Now, some people are like "whatever," but to me and probably a few others, it really means a lot... I mean, the site has had its ups and downs.

Anyways, thought I should share the great news...

Here's to five years and running strong! FinHeaven & CO - where you can ALWAYS get splashed with FINFORMATION!

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Happy b-day finheaven, and thank you AJ for maintaining the best Dolphan site on the net!
Congratulations to Fin Heaven and all the people whom have contributed to making this the site that it is today!!!

congrats to FH and AJ - and here's to 5 more :drinkers:
Very, Very good site FH and AJ. I have long since looked for a site like this where I can get alot of info on the best team of all time.

I live in MO where I must endure endless amounts of Chiefs and Rams crap all over my TV. I appreciate all you do, and the posters here, to keep me informed for the great team that I cannot be around myself. (Although I'm back to Florida as soon as I graduate.)
Happy Birthday FinHeaven...

...and here's to another five of continued growth! :drinkers:
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