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Corrales - Castillo II

The undercard pits the other 2 fights of the year as well. If all 3 are half as good as the first time around it will be the best PPV of the decade. Arce-Hussein was nuts and while Chavez-Hernandez don't really crack, they provide non-stop action and both proved to be a test for the great Erik Morales. As for Chico-JLC II those guys better be getting incredible coin to go thru this again. Both received short money the first time and deserve money near the Gatti-PBF figures. (3-3.5 mil each plus PPV buys)
Muck said:
Looks like they're going to do it again in October.

While it was probably the greatest fight I've ever seen, I don't know if I want to see it again. I'm afraid somebody will get seriously injured long-term. It was brutal.

But if they do it, I'll pay to see it.

I feel the same way. It was like watching a car wreck. Plus there is NO WAY that it will live up to the first. If Chico is smart he'll stay outside this time, he did damage from out there last time. I'm sure Goosen will approach this from a different strategy, and I think if Chico fights THAT fight he should win handily and cut down on the brutality.

BTW, to see those guys fight and then know what Floyd did to them (Chico really) says alot about how dominant PBF really is.
I didn't see any of those fights with Mayweather. Many people felt he lost to Castillo the first time. I know the second fight was scored even closer, but the actual fight was not considered as close.
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