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Could channing crowder be zack's replacement?


Mar 29, 2004
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could channing crowder be zack's replacement i think he very well could be i love this guy just wanted to get evryone's opinion.
If he can stay healthy, ABSOLUTELY. I think thats the plan. Except eventually they will go to a 3-4 probably and he will have a different role than Zack does.
no doubt in my mind, Zach is getting old that coupled with the fact that he is small means Crowder will take his job within 2 years. Saban likes the big LBs
dominizzo said:
channing will be the next lewis with that talent he has

thats pushing it. I just hope he makes it through the season without getting injured. Channing is a huge questionmark in my book.
Philter25 said:
thats pushing it. I just hope he makes it through the season without getting injured. Channing is a huge questionmark in my book.

the guy was a projected 1st rd pick, soo im saying he has value. I say he succeeds and pans out. i hope hes like a Ray
after i see him start PLAYING in the NFL i'll give you my opinion
If he can stay healthy (which I am not counting on, just hoping he does) then he can be a top LB. I doubt he can be as dominating as Lewis.
(If he stays healthy)

I think Crowder starts at M/ILB on opening day of 2007.
Until we see him play, it's too early to tell. But I think part of the reason we drafted Channing Crowder was not just because he was a STEAL but perhaps we may be looking at him to very well be Zach's replacement. I'm not sure if that's what I want, but I would like to see him starting soon enough whether it's in the 3-4 at MLB with Zach Thomas or in 4-3 as OLB, I don't know as of yet.
im not saying this year or the next crowder is rawl still this kid could be the next breed of great lb's in the r.lewis club.
Hopefully, Crowder is one of two inside linebackers in Saban's 3/4 defense in a year or two. For now, Zach is still the man. We are still not yet ready-personell-for the 3/4 and Zach is not yet on the downslide. Crowder is still a year or two away from full football maturity-didn't he come out early? Also, keep an eye out for Lionel Turner-an unsigned free agent out of LSU...he played LB for Saban.
I feel that Crowder came around at the perfect time. Thomas has at least a good four years left in him and with us integrating a 3-4 scheem into our primary 4-3 defense. This will give Crowder ample oportunity to learn from Zack while giving him actual playing time. By the time Zack retired Channing will be more than ready to step in and be a dominating inside linebacker. Crowder has unlimited potential; his instincts are excelent and his physical attributes are as good as any linebacker coming out of college
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