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Could Tony Dungy become new Dolphins czar?

I like Lovie. I also like Dungy. Im just not sure how Dungy would perform as the Czar or GM. But id be intrigued to give it a go. So id be on board.
Omg a soft spoken leader who will not let the likes of Incognito and Pouncey turn the locker room into a Gladiators den! Don't see how the Finheaven elite will ever accept this!
Rather see Marino in that role but I doubt he would be interested in a 'real' job.

Dungy might be OK in a head office role but not lovin the Love-man as the coach.
I think Walrus maybe thought of something like this possibility in another thread and the thought crossed my mind as well. I guess there is a chance of someone else on the committee also maybe with some increased involvement with the team at some point. I think it's just a possibility but I really don't think there is any real interest of anyone on the committee doing this going in. Maybe were just being hopeful? The article seems just hopeful to me also.
There is as much of a chance of this happening as there is Mike Wallace hooking up with RT on multiple deep balls in a game.
Not a Lovie fan unless he can bring in someone who can develop a QB...
Now that's an idea I can get on board with. Interesting read.
I think the move would be a wise one, but I suspect the organization of this "committee" was more a PR move only. It basically served to surround the owner with a shroud of legitimacy that dispelled any perception that he was an advocate of the messages delivered to Jonathan Martin in this mess.

If Ross can surround himself with people who have credibility with regard to 1) the Dolphins (i.e., Shula, Marino, and Moore), 2) the NFL (i.e., Dungy and Shula), and 3) the African-American race (i.e., Moore, Dungy, and Martin), then he will have gone a long way toward making this look like a "Richie Incognito" problem and nothing more, elevating the perception of him "above" the mess.
Dungy seems like a great guy but he fits the mold of the typical worn out coach that will take a stab at it to get a check and just be half interested in getting the job done. A far as Lovie goes I'll pass. He didn't really build much to speak of in Chicago despite given a rather long time to do it.
I want out guys, not some other teams' guys. what's next, Curtis Martin in some position?? I WANT MIAMI GUYS. Marino, Taylor, Nat... our guys.
i dont understand all the love for td. isnt he the same coach who got canned for gruden because he couldnt get the job done? yet it didnt take long for gruden to get that sb ring. he did win a sb on the back of peyton, but how many playoff games did his teams lose. not saying hes a bad a coach just dont think hes that special. dont see what makes him worthy of being a czar
I really like this idea....

I have seen several posters offer the same thoughts on Ross and the Dolphins....that he needs to find someone in that ownership role with some NFL savvy...Dungy would be an excellent choice. I like Lovie Smith as well, but as some suggested, only if he brings in someone as a QB coach or OC who is capable of developing Tannehill.

As far a Marino and I love both of those guys, but they have only been players in the NFL and for the position Mando is suggestion, you need someone with executive (head coach, GM) experience that have handled that aspect of football.
The big question is whether Tony Dungy would want it? He was deeply hurt by the death of his son and needed a break. It is interesting that he has this in common with Joe Philbin and Andy Reid.
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