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Damn justin tucker .


Mar 8, 2002
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63 yds for the wing. Wtf.

Getting weary. Must win out.

Stafford is a bum. Very inaccurate .

3 picks.
Love tannehill.
Agreed, Stafford blew tonight. Huge win for Balt and they just took the win in easy fashion scoring nothing but Fgs.
Tonight's game was one of the bigger in Stafford's career and he **** the bed.
Stafford is one of the most overrated qbs in the league. the guy has all of those weapons and still has 21 turnovers. that kicker is legit. wish we had a kicker
That's what a real kicker looks like! Bam.

Note: Without highest level skill players at key positions -- RB, WR 1, WR 1A, TE, K -- anyone think Flacco wins at the level he has?

Nah. Didn't think so.

Weapons matter. Even for vet QBs. Just ask Eli Manning.

Everyone bagging on RT for not producing better stats with the OL chaos and fairly mediocre skill players -- give it a rest.

You give RT the weapons of either Stafford or Flacco and he wins hands down. As it is, he's making a run w. Flacco's castoff OT...


tip your hat to justin tucker.

the guy was ****ing clutch as clutch.

61 yds with playoffs on line, and he hits it?

gotta respect that. guy is best in nfl
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