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Darnay Scott??


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May 21, 2002
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I saw on another board he was released, im not too familiar with him, is he possible or likely for Miami?? (im one that thinks we still could use another WR)
I wouldn't mind adding another deep threat at WR in place of J. McKnight, but the money is very thin right now, and we still need to sign some of our rookies.....


for a couple reasons..firstly he'll want more than league minimum which is where miami stand, secondly i feel miami is happy with its group of wrs .......but you never say never...league is cash strapped so big deal unlikely , Miami like most teams can offer a vet(at 7yrs i think he qualifies, correct me if wrong anyone) like Darnay $750k but count only $450k against cap..in an equal race Florida sounds very attractive.......Norv Turners offence fits his strengths.......As for Darnay, well he broke his leg season before last but seemed to get his game back and is a big fast deep threat at 6-1 204lbs ....he was only cut for cap reasons and is still very live wr in NFL and would be a great addition here....just do not think it would happen.
Darnay Scott-Could end up in Atlanta, San Francisco, and possibly New Orleans. I would be shocked to see him on an AFC team this year.
i dont think it will happen but if he would come here for the minimum than i would be all for it...it would give us tremendous depth at wr...
I would be seriously shocked to see Darnay in a Phins uni. He'd be askin for a good amount of money, far above the minimum, and the only way we could afford it is to cut Gadsden and sign Scott.

Production-wise, that would probably hold up in my opinion. Gadsden utilizes the sidelines better than most in the league and he is good in the endzone if he's got single coverage, however he doesn't beat people as consistently as Darnay Scott does.

However its not really our style to cut a locker room presence like OG who has proven himself on our team for a few years in favor of a guy of comparable talent coming from a completely different team. It just wouldn't go over well in the locker room and there's no way we could do it. But cutting McKnight to make room for Darnay doesn't make much sense either cuz McKnight's still early in the contract and its hard to say if we'd actually even SAVE any money by cutting McKnight. Ward isn't making much beyond the minimum I don't believe so cutting him doesn't free up enough for Darnay.

I would be shocked if Darnay came here.
The Fins can certainly use someone like Darnay. Aside from some injury probs, he's a solid deep threat and much more reliable than McKnight. Unfortunately, I don't see them getting too creative in landing him... :( but the need for upgrading over McKnight is still a concern.

I would like to see Darnay Scott in a PHINS uniform since he would definately be another DEEP THREAT!! But, I agree with everyone, that we will not pursue him!! Which brings up a good question. Are we done signing?? Besides the rookies that need signed, are we gonna pursue any players that can fill depth or contribute?? I don't see any other attactive FREE AGENTS!! Are there any left?:confused:
We would probaly have to cut or restructure contracts now to add to our roster...We probably won't sign someone else until teams start cutting their roster in preseason and then at the end of the preseason..we may make another big play on someone..
Right now..I have id 44 people on the present roster who are must keep..That leaves 9 that can be changed or cut. plus an additional 6 for the practice squad.

The 9 I think can change or be upgraded are:

1. Jeff Ogden
2. Sam Simmons
3. Shawn Wooden (even though I like him)
4. Trent Gamble (like him too)
5. Scott McGarrahan
6. Anthony Cesario
7. Ray Green
8. Omare Lowe
9. Shawn Draper

I don't know all their present salaries but their the only $ I see that can go and get others..I think the big money players are set.
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When we start cutting players to get our roster down to the 53 man roster, we won't be saving any money in the process unless we start dumping big names which we don't figure to be doing (cuz we would have done it already most likely). The top 53 salaries are the only salaries that count during the offseason when everyone has like 80 players.
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