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Dave Wannstedt On The Miami Dolphins Secondary

"Dave Wannstedt On The Miami Dolphins Secondary"

Dave Wannstedt On The Miami Dolphins Secondary
May 31, 2002

Returners: CB Jamar Fletcher, S Arturo Freeman, S Trent Gamble, S Ray Green, CB Sam Madison, S Brock Marion, S Scott McGarrahan, CB Patrick Surtain, S Shawn Wooden. Offseason veteran additions: CB Delvin Brown (FA), CB Cedric Donaldson (FA), CB Zebbie Lethridge (FA), S Scott Shields (FA), S Joshua Symonette (FA). Draft Choices/College Free Agents: CB Omare Lowe (D5a). Losses from 2001: CB Terry Cousin (UFA, Carolina), S Brian Walker (UFA, Detroit).

"Sam Madison (30 tackles, 2 INTs, 13 PD in '01) and Patrick Surtain (60 tackles, 1 sack, 3 INTs, 1 FR, 3 FF, 17 PD in '01) are regarded as the top cornerback tandem in the NFL, and they were a big reason why we led the NFL in pass defense last year.

"Although we lost Terry Cousin in free agency, we feel as though Jamar Fletcher (10 tackles, 1 PD in ’01), our first-round draft choice last year, is ready to step in and fill that role as our nickel back. He came out of college a year early, and I think that with a year of experience under his belt, he can play to his potential this season.

"Brock Marion (97 tackles, 5 INTs, 227 yds.; 2 TDs. 1 FR, 2 FF, 7 PD in ’01) has become one of our top playmakers over the last couple of year and gives us veteran leadership at the free safety position.

"Arturo Freeman (42 tackles, 1 sack, 1 INT, 2 FR, 8 PD) will take over at strong safety after we lost Brian Walker in free agency. Going into his third year, Arturo had an opportunity to start at both safety spots last year, and he appears ready to settle into a full-time starting role.

"Shawn Wooden, Scott McGarrahan and Trent Gamble give us quality veteran depth at safety. Omare Lowe, a fifth-round draft choice, could come in and compete for our nickel back position, along with Ray Green, who was with us for the second half of last season. Omare played in a system at the University of Washington that was similar to what we do here. He’s played inside and outside, and is a very good athlete.â€Â

Why on earth did we draft Fletcher last year when we really need an OL.....bad move Dave
I think this year you will see why they tried to get a quality CB, actually before T. Cousin came in we weren't really settled at the 3rd corner and he played great..Hopefully Flecther has matured enough to take over for Cousin. In this league you can't have enough good corners,,The receivers are getting bigger and better every year and with the use of the spread offenses-- last year pick should prove very useful..We thought we had a good OL last year, I don't remember a lot of comments about them in a negative sense. So that wasn't a priority for the Dolphins..If memory serves me correctly the 3rd corner Jerry ?? didn't do that well the year before, so that was a soft sport and I Think the Fins were trying to address it, plus Ben Kelly didn't do a good enough job the year before to make the coaches comfortable, plus he was coming off an injury, but I thought he would be a good putt returner..Man too bad it didn't work out.
Originally posted by Fartin Martin
Why on earth did we draft Fletcher last year when we really need an OL.....bad move Dave

Heh you can't be a phins fan if you don't know why.

Heck the phins started the trend in going for a 3 deep solid CB rotation.
When we drafted Fletcher, our entire OL was healthy, and we thought we were pretty much set along the line...Injuries happened after the 2001 draft though, and all of you know the rest...
Originally posted by Fartin Martin
Why on earth did we draft Fletcher last year when we really need an OL.....bad move Dave
Jerry Wilson :fire:
Plus, there weren't any OLmen worthy of the 26th pick at that point in the draft. And we also didn't want Indy to get Fletcher.
Fletcher was a great pick, considering we got CC in round 2.

Our secondary will be the best in the NFL.
I think Fletcher was a good pick too, I'm holding a candle for him to consistanly improve. Besides, he's got two of the best in the league to learn from...
I find it hard to believe that they are still in the market for a safety. If this is true, it makes me wonder why they did not try harder to sign a Tony Parrish, or Victor Green, or the guy that played for the 49ers, (forget his name).

Seems to me that we have plenty of guys in the mix. I guess they may not feel as strongly about some of those guys as I thoght they did.
I thought so too Scott... I didn't think there was much to be done with the secondary? Marion we know is solid... amybe they're more concerned about Freeman than they are letting on?
I recommend signing Victor green if they are looking for a safety. He is a beast against the run, which is what our safeties lack right now. I know Bates and Wanny want to ue 8 in the box sometimes, and he would be the perfect fit for that. Imagine, Brock Marion and Victor Green lined up next to eachother.....
Talk about the secondary from hell!!

Originally posted by BMarion31
Imagine, Brock Marion and Victor Green lined up next to eachother.....

Now THAT would be awsome... but Green would probably want more than we're willing to pay him...
Can you tell me about Jamar Fletcher? As I remember, he's a little guy with great cover skills but not overly physical. How will that play out with him as a nickle back? Could he be vulnerable to big physical receivers in the slot?
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