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David Bowens.....


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Sep 3, 2001
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Bear, DE
I think we should sign D-Bo to a contract, he will push for Mixon's DE position and win it. Everytime D-Bo comes into the game, he makes something happen. What does everyone else think about him?
no doubt

(a great band ;) ), but I meant Yes he is our 2nd best DE behind Taylor. Lo Bro is gone after this year so keeping him makes a lot of sense.
Tell you the truth,I think he should be starting hes awsome!:eek:

Dolphins must sign this guy!:yell:
I think we should sign him too

He is a hell of a hitter

Did you see that hell of a hit he laid on that Patriot on the onsides kick at the end, he hit his ass into next week

Hes definately a pleasant surprise
saw the replay of that hit last night on inside the NFL gotta give lots of kudo to Coleman for living thru that let alone holding on- you or I would be dead after that hit.

Bowens should definitely getting lots of snaps though I like Mixon ag. the run.

Hopefully Correy Moore will be another pleasant suprise as well.
Oh yeah David Bowens first few albums were great. Ziggy Stardust and the Melody Makers was some amazing stuff, and even after that, his solo stuff was cool. Uh.......wait a minute.....are you talkin about David Bowie or David Bowens?..........oops.....:goof:
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