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Sep 2, 2001
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I see your here, can you tell me how Jay has been looking in the recent mini-camps? As you can tell, there is quite a debate going on what kind of QB Fiedler is, and it might help if you could shed some light on how he has looked in camp.


Not to point out the obvious but he's going to look like crap probably until mid training camp. They are after all learning Norv Turner's offense.
Maybe, but maybe not. I was just basically wondering if he was being accurate with his throws. However, Gadsden, and Chambers were both out for mini camp and QB school, so the only real familiar WR was McKnight. Ward is out too...almost forgot.



I thought JAY FIEDLER did Ok....he was not exceptional....and was not below par either.

What I noticed though.....JAY was sure of his reads...and did not hesitate to throw the football.

True....he was missing some of his top WR's.....but if there is one pass that JAY must work on....its the short passes into the flats. He threw some of his worst passes when it was only a short distance. His medium range passes were on the money...and were thrown with precision on many occcasions.

Jay is learning with NORV....and is doing just fine right now. Like I said.....JAY needs to work on his short-passing game...more than anything else. I would like to see more flat and screen passes that JAY throws.....get there....with the ball...leading the reciever up the field. Its a matter of crispness and timing....the ball has to be thrown short...quickly...and in the right spot....
DCH I have noticed this before and have posted it here as well. He has trouble with his accuracy on short throws. Most people don't realize that some of his throw are off on these routes because it may hit the receiver in the hands, but location is key on short passes. If the ball doesn't hit the WR in the hands in between the top of the shoulder pads and the belt it is a bad throw. The timing is key to these routes since the receiver has little time to catch the ball and elude his first tackeler. It is much different on mid routes and long passes since the WR has time to adjust to the ball, and can get some seperation from his defender. I noticed Jay strugleling with this mostly on his wr screen passes. The pass would often hit the wr either low forceing him to bend over or high forceing him to reach, either way it negates the wrs momentum and speed. On my team this is the only passes I have the QB practice untill 99% of his passes hit the sweet spot. It is key for quick screens, quick slants, and short te outs. Witch happens to be 90% of a pop werner team's passing game.
I have heard many QB's say that the quick pass out to the flat is the toughest throw to make, because of the angle.

I have seen Jay miss alot of wide open mid range passes, so hearing that he is improving on those throws is encouraging.

Thanks DCH...I appreciate the eye witness info.

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