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Dennis Johnson


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Sep 29, 2001
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Let's trade for Dennis Johnson

We should give our two 5th round picks to someone now and pick up Dennis Johnson!
I don't think two fives will be enough. But a five and our fourth will possibly get him.

I would rather see us get Alex Brown (Too bad Metcalf's off the board now)
what is with you and Dennis Johnson? Is he like your idol? You have been talking about him since the beginning of round 2. Obviously he isn't that great or else he would have been taken before some Ivy-League lineman.
Actually, Brown or Johnson would be a steal.

Jesus, I can't believe TSN's Draft Guide has Dennis Johnson as going in the FIRST round.

I never saw that till a sec ago.
I wanted Johnson too. Hes a lot better than McKinney.
I have to admit, I only prefer Brown over Johnson because Brown's from within the state.

I can't believe they're both on the board still. TSN's Draft Guide rated Johnson as a "potential Pro Bowl player" (They compared him to Jason Taylor, too, for an NFL comparison)!
Arizona did w/the last pick in day 1
Dennis Johnson was one of the top pass rushers in the SEC and played with ****. He was a top DE and should of never fell past the middle of the second round. I think we should get Alex Brown now.
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