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Denver Signs Sinclair...Out Of The S. Adams Race??


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Beating a dead horse can sometimes be fun....I think.

This will be my final post regarding anything about DT S. Adams.

Since the Denver Broncos just signed DE M. Sinclair, do you think this means they are dropping out of the S. Adams running???

If so, his choices are running very thin. Looks like Seattle or Cincinnati right now, but I've also read that he's not interested in Cincy anymore....

I think the Phinz need to jump into the mix. He could come down here and make a huge impact IMO. Forget about having to deal with what L. Chester would have to say about it. SA is a Pro-Bowl DT. Besides, it's a team thing, and if LC can't handle it, he can go back to Carolina.....

I can't understand why we never even brought him in for a look. We all knew he was going to be leaving Baltimore like everyone else. We never even considered him....Instead we signed a banged up L. Chester on the very first day of FA?!?!?

How can he go seemingly unnoticed by Rick and Dave???


It's just not gonna happen. I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade but there's just not that much of a need there at the moment and the team has other concerns at the moment. I see him winding up in Cincy when all's said and done.
Granted the Bengals have been awful for a pretty long time, but that defense is a Sam Adams away from being dominent, atleast up front. If Gus Frerotte plays mistake free, we very well may be looking at this season's surprise team.
Don't lie. If the phins made a call to Adams' agent tomorrow you'd be back on here posting bout good ole Sammy. You know it.
I must say I've always been a fan of Gus. I wish the best for him and are going to be keeping an eye on Cincy this year.
The Broncos are out of the Sam Adams race, but have entered the Daryl Gardener race. Can you imagine a DL of Pryce-McGlockton-Dalton-Gardener on first & second downs. Nobody would be able to run on them.

Personally I hope DG heads to the NFC.
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