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Derrick Rodgers #59


We Are Still Going To The SB
May 24, 2002
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I've heard a few people on this board mention how suspect he plays. I have to admit I was reluctant to buy into that. But I have to change my opinion on him. I have been paying close attention to this character since TC and during the pre-season. He's play has really dissapointed me. He has been beaten by every RB out the backfield. He gets to the running play a sec. late everytime. He was burnt by the Lions running back (L. Warren) badly last week. Listening to the DW show today. He said there's just no execuse for that. Eventhough he did not mention his name. I knew who he was talking about. Even the day after the game, the coach said he spoke to him and told him he had to improve his overall play. Derrick said himself spoke about it "He just told me that its nothing to panic about but I need to play better and I agree with him" Boy I sure hope he follows that advice. Or we might be looking at someone else at that spot. Several anylist our starting to mention "The OLB".
All i know is that he is way overpaid and he is in trouble with the law. :monkey:
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