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Did anyone else listen to the Dan Patrick show?


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Apr 30, 2003
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Today, Dan interviewed Maurice Clarett who I must say impressed me with his attitude. I was never a big fan of his (especially since I'm a UM fan) but he was alright w/ Dan. He made a comment to the effect that his agent and lawyer called him to tell him the Dolphins were trying to trade down. Not really new news to any of us but for some reason it made it sound like there was more to it. Maurice also said that Saban had extensive talks with him that they would be looking at him if the time is right.
HysterikiLL said:
If the time was right....so undrafted free agency?

Could be or possibly a 7th round pick if he's available.
I heard Alex Smith on there and he didnt seem like he was to sure about wanting to play for the 49ers. He was kinda saying they seemed like a cheap team who wasnt willing to spend in order to win
..Oh no the pandora's box is open!!!!!!!!! Come all the politically correct geeks who say Clarrett is a cancer and we shouldnt take him!!!!

..Face it folks the NFL is about talent and if he's there in the 5th-7th...and we havent drafted a RB....get ready to be whinny baby's who think they no more about football than Saban and crylike sissy's!!:lol:
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