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do you think our next.....


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Oct 15, 2001
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game will tell us were we are at I know it usually takes a couple weeks maybe about 3 or so but since we are playing a pretty good team and if we crush them as well will that let us know we are for real on offense?...............I think this game will be intense not only becuase its an AFC game but this game will have a meaning to someone else ....yup, Ricky Williams.....This will be "R.Williams vs. Edge" and I think ricky is gonna go out to make a statement to the colts that is "you should have picked me".
no - we were 4-0 in 1995, we always are great in Sept. When we win a 2nd playoff game, then we will know about this team.

The only thing game 2 can tell us is if we are such a pretender that we lose to the Colts. Game 3 is a different story because it is the Jets and breaking the steak will go along way to helping this team's confidence as well as its position in the AFC East.
4 key team stats tell the story and are certainly that would go a long way toward getting us that elusive bye:
  1. The Dolphins had 27 first downs, a total they never reached last year.
  2. They gained 389 yards, something they never did in 2001.
  3. They didn't turn the ball over, something that happened just six times a year ago.
  4. They did not commit an offensive penalty, and that never happened last year, either.

    but then again
    The last time the Dolphins scored this many points came in the 1995 season opener, a 52-14 thrashing of the New York Jets. That season the Dolphins were supposed to be Super Bowl contenders but those hopes flickered into a first-round loss to Buffalo and Don Shula's departure.

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