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does any one know how much Ricky weighs right now?

Doktor Ivel said:
if not how much did he weigh the last time you have heard?

also, is he gonna go back with the dreads?:goof:
fish fan 4 life is right, last report was that he was 205.

Also, last I heard dreads don't grow over night.

I wonder if Ricky will be faster if he stays around 205-210...I dont think he is as fast as Ronnie Brown, but it might not hurt if Ricky is a little on the light side? But then he may not be able to bowl over the Jets/Bills/Pats linebackers? :D
Naw. I want to see Ricky back to at least 225.
I thought I heard that he was about 210! Whatever that means, who knows!
208-210 (Remember he is on a road trip so he will add a little blubber from all that sitting and the ho ho's)oh wait he dosen't put sugar in his body!!!!
205 last report. I suspect he'll be about 210-215 by the time training camp starts and in the 220-230 range by the time his suspension is up.
If he is 205 I dont think we have much to worry about. Another 10-15 lbs shouldnt be hard to gain.
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