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Does anybody know why....


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Mar 17, 2002
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Sam Simmons is still at Northwestern for finals, but Zach Kustak is in Miami practicing? Did Kustak graduate in December or something. I know there is a reason, i just don't know what one!!!

My (educated)guess is that he is already graduated.
Nope, both are Seniors. Kustak started at Notre Dame, transfered and had to sit out a football season, but I doubt that has anything to do with it.
QB are smarter than WR's - they do not need to take any final exams :goof: :confused:
i don't know about that!

Originally posted by dolphan39
QB are smarter than WR's - they do not need to take any final exams :goof: :confused:
have you ever heard don meridith talk. i know you've heard terry bradshaw. and ryan leaf, there's a certified zombie!:rolleyes:
Originally posted by Bodzilla29
Shouldn't that mean the Kustak's class isn't graduated yet either? They both go to Northwestern.

Perhaps he won't graduate b/c he is trying to get a roster spot and doesn't want to miss any time. Simmons was drafted in the 5th so he has a very good chance at making the team.
It is NFL rules that plyers can't go to any mini camps until their university exams are over. So even if he didn't want to miss any time, he'd have to.

Players are allowed to attend the first rookie camp, but that is all until classes are out! That is why this is a mystery to me!
Kustok transfered, and during that off year he must of taken classes, so he probably already graduated. It is smart for a guy like Kustok and even Simmons to get their degrees since they go to a great school and that Kustok probably won't be playing NFL football this year.
You have to take classes in that off year to keep your eligibility, that is not a choice, it is a must. But since I assume he had 5 years of University completed I'm guessing he graduated. I'd say Northwestern would transfer all credits from a top notch school like Notre Dame.
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