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Does anybody think


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Feb 1, 2005
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Feeley will be in a dolphin uniform in 2006.That mean he will have to have a solid year in 2005.

I say no,because he is going to take to long to pick it up.He never really played in the NFL.Miami likes big time QB.We all no that.He just isn,t.I just hope we draft McPherson.All around the guy is very athletic.I dont really no,but i just can see he will have a bright future.
McPherson would be very nice if we get him. The kid has a whole lot of upside.
nando03 said:
McPherson would be very nice if we get him. The kid has a whole lot of upside.
I agree with you.He very well can be the best QB in this draft.He know,s how to get rid of the football.The AFL is like that.You got no time to think.
I'd say that barring an excellent season Feely will be cut by this time next year due to the large roster bonus he is owed
How does everybody think that Feeley will be better with this new system??? He couldnt even get the system down last year and I think that Wanny's playbook only had like 20 different pass plays. What makes anybody think he's going to be able to pick up on the new system when we all know its pass oriented???
the other system sucked, it was so simple and vanilla it wasn't hard to defend, WRs never got open, we had no hot routes to beat blitzes so team could blitz for days and **** up any timing patterns we had...

if we can implement plays to beat a blitz we wont be blitzed as much, thus giving our QB time in the pocket to complete passes and find open targets...

how many times last season did you see an open reciever? how many times after the reciever caught the ball was he hit right away? you never saw any seperation with our last offensive system... a new one would change that immensily...
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