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Does anyone else find it curious...


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Sep 2, 2001
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...that Norv Turner is still available? If he was going to take the San Diego job, wouldn't he have done it by now?

I wonder if Norv was waiting for our season to be over, so he could talk with Dave about O.Cing here.

I just don't understand what everyone is waiting for over there.
Strictly a rumor (No offense miadlphan13 :D) Miadlphan13 told me last night that she heard on the Floridian News channel that the deal with the Dolphins and Turner was a done deal :eek: That Troy was also a done deal :eek: Strictly a rumor I think till I see it LOL Tha could have been why he looks like he's still available though ;)
Seems like if it were a done deal, it would be all over Sports Center.

Rumors rumors
I just heard that Norv Turner is still in the running for the San Diego Job. Even if he doesn't get it, coaches like Schottenheimer and Dungy would get the job, they would keep Turner on board as the O-COORDINATOR!! He is the Best O-COORDINATOR out there! I hope somehow the Phins land him!
I can't believe that huge contract that Spurrier just signed with the Skins, 5 years for $25 million making him the highest payed coach in the NFL, wow!!!! I'm glad he left the Gators!!!! He is damn pass happy......
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