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does anyone feel like Burnett will get cut?


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Aug 3, 2002
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I do! cus Ogun is playing good and jay williams is starting to show flashes. if burnett ocntinues to struggle with his injury, then i can see this happening. but then there is always the injury settlement thang. eeeeek!
I would put him behind JT, Williams and Oly not sure about D Bo. I suppose we may choose to keep 4 DEs - though we kept 5 last year. i.e. Williams and Burnett replace Mixon and Lo Bro
Burnett won't be cut, With so many injuries to the D-line. the dolphins need depth, plus he has leadership. Don't see it happening
Burnett won't be cut. When he signed on, it was with the understanding that he wouldn't practice 100% during preseason anyway.
Yep, it's not even a question about him making this team..he's one of the locks.
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