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does anyone have a list of our undrafted free agents?


Jun 21, 2002
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a buddy of mine mentioned a few names that i have not seen mentioned.
Is Albert Means fat as in P-H-A-T or F-A-T?
that's not the complete list. there is supposed to be an o-linemen from usc on it.
and the site I posted from draft daddy has all of the FAs of all of the teams
That is not a complete list

I have already found two more names today.

TE from Troy forgot the name
DE from BYU Denney

Rosegreens will decide sometime today or tommorrow.

Not much left out there

I just updated a list under my own thread with names of what is left.
Pretty much of the names asked about on this board this is what is left:

Junior Rosegreens S Auburn
Albert Means DT Memphis
Marcus Jones DE Louisville
Atari Bigby S Central Florida
Derek Curry LB Notre Dame
Tony Brown WR Tenn
Bobby Meeks OG FSU
Mo Mitchell OG Florida
Jon Colon OT Florida
Ray Hudson RB Alabama
Bryan Randall QB Va. Tech
Jared Allen QB FAU
Chris Rix QB FSU
Jason White QB Oklahoma
Stan Hill QB Marshall

In all honesty this is what is left of the more known names out there. Tampa Bay, Philly, TENNESSEE, and Jacksonville have done some serious hunting for free agents. In particular, Tennessee.

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