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does anyone know

just guessing in the range of 25 mil over 5 years. just a guess
Last year Gallery signed for 7 years about 60 million with a 14 million dollar signing bonus.. Expect a less than 5% bump up from that for Ronnie.. GreenMonster
Im not real familiar with the salary cap and how it works, but I assume we have that kind of money to pay him
We got 5-6 mil cap relief when we traded Pat.
As for Ronnie's contract....yes we will have enough space to sign him. NFL GMs get very creative in structuring contracts. Look for Ronnie's cap hit for 2005 to be somewhere in the 2-3 million range.
Ronnies contract will be like amost every contract, in that it is backloaded. His cap number for this next year will be fairly low, but I would assume his signing bonus will be somewhere in the 15 million dollar range.What hurts us is there being no extension on the CBA, it limits the number of years we can prorate the signing bonus. I think his cap number will be a little higher than yankee thought, but I dont see it much more than 4 million.
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