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Does Dom Capers Stay?

I really hope so, this defense is all types of good, and I would like him to be part of the development of Jason Allen.
elite14eva said:
Anybody thinks Doms Stays After This Season?

More than likely. He's had to shots at head coaching positions and (except for his first 2 seasons with Carolina) hasn't done very well. I think it will take more than one season as Miami's defensive coordinator to build his reputation back up to even be considered as a head coach, and I doubt he leaves Miami to take a similar job with another team. If it's a lateral move, he will stay with Miami.
elite14eva said:
Anybody thinks Doms Stays After This Season?

I certainly hope so. We really need to have some continuity at the coordinator positions.

The players have to be sick of learning a new system every year or so.
Vertical Limit said:
Alabama can take Mularkey, not Capers. I really like Dom Capers.

I like Capers too but really he couldnt have taken this job for any other reason than to move up whether its here or in college. Look at a guy like Pete Carroll, hes a great college coach, he was a good NFL coordinator but not a good Headcoach. I think Capers would be a ideal canidate for a big college job, he probaly wont be here longer than a year or two. The bad thing about having a great coaching staff is that they move up eventually. Look at Bill Parcells, Bill Walsh, Belichek, etc, the great coaches build great coaching staffs and lose good assistants but they still have good young coaches and move on just fine. Im not worried at all about the defense if Capers leaves.
Well after a few stressful coaching jobs in his past, I don't see him getting another Head Coaching job unless it's college football.

I can see him commit to the Dolphins for a couple of years and maybe even long term if he feels comfortable as our defensive coordinator. Let's face it, he never has had success as a head coach.

If he does ever go for a head coaching job in college, it won't be Alabama. It is obvious right now that the Alabama job isn't all that great; if it was, there would be a line of coaches ready to take the job. Recruitment must not be so easy especially with Auburn taking over the state the past recent years. I mean, tell me, do high school players nowadays really want to go to Alabama University? Alabama needs a big time coach to revive their football program and recruiting, that is why they keep bugging Nick Saban.
I bet Capers would go to Alabama. I think he would do good too.

Bama's defense would be silly
He's not going anywhere anytime soon. He's tried being a headcoach twice and has not worked out for him. I don't even think he wants the pressure of being a headcoach at this point.
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