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Does Prisco have a memory or conscience?

Steve S

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Feb 2, 2005
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I finally agreed with Prisco on something- Hiring Nick Saban was at the very least the 2nd best thing any NFL team did this offseason.

Could easily be the best as Moss and the Raiders are a match that are not likely to end well.

However, like he always does, Prisco slips back into "Miami is a mess" mode quicker than this little 5'6" midget puts on his elevator shoes.

Explain the mess, Pete, and what hasn't ALREADY been done to correct it. OK, you want to give me Feeley and Frerotte. I could deal with that, but you don't.

This little turd has been writing about salary cap armageddon for the Dolphins forever. Does he ever mention that the trade of Surtain, one move, pretty much put Miami in the best cap situation in the league? Or that they really didn't have to endure major cuts that he and others predicted?

I know Miami had to trade one of their best players to do this. But it had to be done and they got back value in Roth.

The mess that Prisco should have referenced was Wannstedt and Spielman in tandem as HC and GM. The days of poor coaching and bad drafts are gone. Its pretty clear to see that.

Even with the talent depleting job that Speilstadt laid on Dolphin nation there is enough young and veteran talent left for Saban to make a playoff push this year or next.

That's why his power rankings putting us behind the pathetic Bears, the stagnant Giants, the decimated Titans and the totally dysfunctional Redskins is a complete joke that show's this biased writer's true colors.

He's an absolute fraud with more bias than Dan Rather.
prisco has always sucked. he never makes any sense and is always hating on the dolphins.
Prisco never sees the light cause he has his head shoved so far up Bellichek's a$$.
Mindwarp said:
Prisco is a pats hommer learn that and his articles all make sence.

I don't really think he's a Pats homer. If he were, he'd have had them ranked #1 all of last year, and he didn't. His big bias is pro-Jets and pro-Bills, and anti-Dolphins.

But here's something I don't understand. The Dolphins were 4-12 last year and picked second in the draft. What's all the fuss about? Why should they be ranked ahead of all these teams who had better records last year? Sure, the Dolphins look better than these teams on paper, and will probably improve on last year's record, but I see no problem with them being ranked #30 right now until they prove otherwise on the field. They'll just have to surprise some teams later.
Kudos on not submitting a link to his article. It doesn't matter whether you love him or hate him, hits are all he wants.

This way, he doesn't get any.:)
Wait, the Dolphins shouldn't be any higher than 30 because they were 4-12 last year, but Detroit was ranked much higher because of their offseason? The same goes for Minnesota and Oakland. He uses the offseason where he wants to and ignores it elsewhere. The guy is a total fraud and always has been.

I think the only time I ever agreed with him is when he graded Detroit's drafting of Mike Williams very low.
Pricko's an idiot jets homer. A long ways back he wrote for the NY Post (I think it was the post, either Post or NY Daily news) as the Jets columnist similar to what Cole or Maravez does
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