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Jan 27, 2002
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Hello to All..... What a difference this I am sure just about everyone around here is satisfied in what the Dolphins showed us yesterday. We still have a long ways to go...until we are opening day ready....but that game certainly was a step in the right direction.

Everybody saw that the Dolphins did not waste anytime sending in the turk to round up 11 players today. I don't think there was any real surprises....although some thought that the DOlphins should have given JUSTIN SEAVERNS another week. But here is the deal about SEAVERNS....he had trouble stopping the run...and he did not make enough tackles on special teams. The Dolphins liked JOSHUA SYMONETTE better...he made more plays than SEAVERNS.....he is fighting now with incumbent TWAN RUSSELL....for a job on this team. From what I am hearing....RUSSELL is definitively on the bubble.

LEON SEARCY was apparently very upset on the sidelines yesterday...when TODD WADE went down with the ankle sprain. SEARCY had his helmet strapped on...ready to come in and assume RT duties for WADE....but instead....TONY WISE told WANNY that GREG JERMAN was going in. SEARCY did in fact play RT late in the second half.....but the veteran felt slighted....and said to the local media today that he would talk to the coaches about how he feels about the situation tommorrow..when the players return to practice. I do think this is a non-issue...and that SEARCY is just getting the feeling that he has too much talent to be sitting on the bench...or playing with the second and third teams. SEARCY is just missing the overall scenario.....If this was a regular season can bet the ranch that SEARCY would have been inserted right away for WADE. However....the DOlphins are evaluating the OL...intently...particularly with all the injuries at TACKLE....and they needed to see if JERMAN could play the postion well. That was the real answer right there....and in a matter of fact....JERMAN I thought played pretty well when he got his chance. Its going to be interesting to see if SEARCY can really handle being a backup on this team....I think he is surprised that he did not beat out TODD PERRY...and now he can see the reality of him maybe not playing much this season...his pride must be hurting....but hey...he has been out for the last 2 seasons.

ROBERT EDWARDS and ADAWALE OGUNLEYE.....two good stories there. Edwards....if he does not get hurt against the BEARS....the backup job is his...and HENRY will go on waivers. The players love EDWARDS....just look at all the people who embraced him on the sidelines after the TD.
As far as O-GUn is concerned....he is the JAMIE NAILS of the defense....a camp and pre-season star. The coaches are thinking now of him starting opposite JT....and I think he can solidify that by having another good game against the Bears. He has outplayed Jay WILLIAMS...and its not even close.

MARK DIXON....looked terriffic I thought yesterday at LT. You can see what impact NAILS and DIXON are going to have on Norvs play calls. 42 toss power trap...with RW running to the left side.

JASON MOORE....has been a hitter on ST''s....and he has been catching everyones attention. MOORE is now battling believe it or not....TRENT GAMBLE for a spot on this team. We will see if MOORE makes some plays against the BEARS....he also may be eligible for the PS....but the Dolphins really like this guy.

I have heard that ZEBBIE LETHERIDGE...ALONZO MAYES....and DRAPER.....2 of 3 should be gone withing the next day or so.

ALSO.....FEMI A. The name you can't pronounce will be gone also shortly....barring any FB injuries against the Bears. FEMI did not play much against the TEXANS....that was a sure sign that he was not much in the Dolphins plans.

The Dolphins fans answers to keeping both AJ JOHNSON along with ROBERT BAKER may soon be coming next week. The DOlphins are desperately now...trying to get something for JEFF well as ERNEST GRANT. There have not been that many bites though. But the bottom that is the game keep both JOHNSON and BAKER. This is the one year that BAKER clearly deserves to be the final reciever....and also....AJ JOHNSON just verifies that this is the right time to let go OGDEN. Its addition by subtraction...and we come out better with both players.

I don't like the way BROCK MARION is playing right now...he is really out of position and missing too many tackles lately.

Are the DOlphins interested in trading for a CB? Yes. But Philly Cb AL too much right now....the price to give up is a third round pick...and the DOlphins will look at the waiver wire tommorrow. They plan on bringing somebody in...a help out FLETCHER with compettion. Also because.....RAY GREEN and OMAR LOWE have fallen off the to speak....particularly GREEN...who got beat bad yeterday.

The Bears game this vanilla as it comes. Hopefully....we all should get a look at SAGE ROSENFELDS...who I thought was a fantrastic pickup this past week...upgrading #3 QB substantially. This is a big game for make sure again that he is ok....and for the likes of BAKER, AJ....and MOORE....and all the other players on the bubble... there is backup competiton on the OL.,.and the DL....and this has to be watched carefully. TODD WADE should not play....and he wont....we will see if its either JERMAN or SEARCY in there. JAY should play a couple of series...then RAY....then SAGE in the end....I would like to see if he can get in there. Ok.....thats it.....I will have the TOP 50 best nicknames up on the the next day or so....while I am here to plug that finale.....
I agree with the next cuts....

Draper, Zebbie, and Mayes, though Mayes has shown flashes in camp the thinking is can he stay healthy, I'm sure.

As for Sage, I herd Wanny say they want to get him in on about 30 plays, and I'm dying to se how he responds to the quick diet of Norvs system, even though it will be scaled down.
Mayes is hurt again with a hyper extended knee so he cant be cut. They need to do anything they can to get Mayes and Brent Smith away from the team. They are injury jinxes. I know thats mean and they work hard but someone is giving them a hint with all the injuries. Anyway, Mayes can be offered an injury settlement or placed on IR.
It looks like the O-line is ashaping up as a nine man team of Dixon, Nails, Ruddy, Perry, Wade, Searcy, McKinney, Spriggs and maybe Andrews.
If Jason Moore keeps doing what he's doing, he'll beat out Gamble. I've been saying it for weeks now. We've already got McGarrahan, who's showing more at safety.

I just saw a DECENT O-LINEMEN get released from the BUCS. If JERRY WUNSCH clears waivers from teams below the PHINS, what are the odds of them bringing him in???
Man I need to change the name of my thread from Perfect "Hey I'm talking about Jerry Wunsch!"
Jerry Wunsch is strictly a RT. I think the Phins are looking for a more versatile player to backup the tackle Spriggs, Searcy, and Cesario.

Obviously, Wunsch wants to start. And the St. Louis Rams (or Tampa North as I like to call them) has a GAPING hole at RT. Looks like a match to me.
I think we can afford the 9 man OL that Muck reported if we agree with Searcy to make him the primary backup at RT. He's got enough left in the tank to backup at RT and when he does we get a high level of play at the same time. If Wade goes down Andrews becomes the immediate guard backup which worries me a bit but he was supposed to have showed up "promise" last year, wasn't he?

Adewale showing more than Jay Williams is a positive thing because honestly Jay Williams has been impressive as well...especially as a passrusher from the DT position or the LDE position. I'm perplexed though because if Wale starts, that means he plays run downs...whereas in my opinion he's shown a whole heck of a lot more in terms of passrush than runstuff. So, unless we're planning on just giving him a fulltime DE job like Jason Taylor, with only Jay Williams and Rob Burnett coming in to relieve the DTs, then giving Wale "the start" doesn't utilize his talents...
I really think that Wanny will play the "hot hand card" all year, as it pertains to the DE spot opposite of JT.

Regardless, of who starts, or who is the first guy off the becnh, productivity will ultimately determine the amount of playing time that these guys will get.

If we see a particular guy "get on a roll", then Wanny will most likely ride it out with that guy, until his production slows down.
I just want to do the guy some justice and ask everyone to call the guy by his name of Troy Andrew and not "Andrews" as it seems every person on here does.

I think he could make the team because he is young and developing. Cesario is gonna be cut, Wanny has hinted as much due to his inability to stay healthy.
Originally posted by Phinstd
I just want to do the guy some justice and ask everyone to call the guy by his name of Troy Andrew and not "Andrews" as it seems every person on here does.

I think he could make the team because he is young and developing. Cesario is gonna be cut, Wanny has hinted as much due to his inability to stay healthy.

Andrew is a good choice, but I'm sure they wish that Cesario COULD stay healthy, because he can double as a Tackle, and Guard.

Andrew plays Center, and they have the backup there already, but his real upside is his experience where he actually played LG last year when Dixon went down.

I really think they see it as important to be able to fill to slots along the line. But now the Tackle positons seem to be thining.

I'm not 100% on this but I think I might have seen Andrew playing Tackle at some point in camp.....
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