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dolphins beat the chiefs with surtain!!!


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Aug 30, 2002
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in my humble opinion patrick surtain would have made the difference against the chiefs.

1- coaches said they left a safety to back up fletcher against the deep ball. That meant many things including less blitzing and one less guy to help out on gonzo.

2-maybe they could have put patrick on gonzo, once they saw him dominating the other defenders.

3- patrick surtain in my book is the first player from the phins i pick if i am picking my own team and could pick one guy from the dolphins. He is clearly one of the best one on one cover guys in the league..... We missed this guy BIGTIME SUNDAY!!!!!!!

4-patrick does not need help from a safety, so this frees up the safety to help blitz and pick up gonzo for a double team.

5- patrick would have been good for one sack maybe turning the game around. just a few more punts instead of scores and the phins are running ricky for 4 quarters giving the defense more rest and keeping the ball away from trent alittle more.

6- and don't forget taylor truly was playing hurt and no one else stepped up to rush effectively.

I SWEAR WE CAN BEAT THE CHIEFS WITH A HEALTHY TAYLOR AND SURTAIN............ those are the breaks no pun intended......

i hope taylor is alittle better and surtain is ready for a hell of a game this weekend.....5 turnovers was awful to watch.....

this win is huge with only 2 wild cards this year. shoot we could go 10-6 and easily miss the playoffs.. 4 teams make it from the divisional winners. could be an 8- 8 cleveland making it over a 10-6 fish fry season.......

that whole thing may get changed if the above scenario takes place this season......

I hate losing a game i think we are going to win.......please cut down on the turnovers and let it be really hot at home.

:eat: :eat: :eat: :eat: :eat: :eat:
Look man,
I agree with you, but you need to put that game behind us, and focus on the Patriots. They are 100 times more important than the Chiefs. If we beat the Patriots, it won't make a huge difference that we lost to the Chiefs. Forget the Chiefs and how we lost, and how we could have won. It's over. time for the Patriots
I really dont think it matters what we are talking about, The fans are not going to have anything to do with the outcome of this game our any other game!!!
Bro, Sam couldn't cover Gonzalez, what makes you think Pat could have. I do think it would have been closer had he been in the lineup though. However, bring on the Pats. Its gonna be one helluva game......
zsonka, we're better than the Chiefs with or without Pat. It was just their day and they caught us coming off a giant emotional victory over the Jets and looking ahead to the Pats at home. I take the Chief loss very hard but at least the Pats lost also so lets consentrate on the business at hand. Kicking New England butt, we do that and the ship is righted and we can have something to feel great about. Heres to a great bouceback home victory launching our team into sole possession of first place. We wake up Monday, look in the sports section and there we are!!! Dolphins 34 Pats20
A cornerback not playing doesn't affect how we cover tight ends. Also, one player isn't worth 18 points a game either. It would've helped with Surtain but they just played better than we did. Oh well, what's wrong with 15-1. We weren't going undefeated anyways.
you guys are right.

that game just FREAKED me out, cause i am sitting here thinking this is the year and then the defense, that was best in the league last year in the secondary, got pasted like i have never seen before. it felt like those damn playoff games ...

i am still wondering what kind of defense will show up against a VERY pass happy and explosive offense.

I have NEVER been looking more forward to a game........ THIS one is very very big to me. i watched the 72 phins and all the marino years when we could not run the ball. I never miss a game.

I have been WAITING for this franchise to put the pieces together and i hope it all gels in hot sunny florida sunday.

i am not saying then we will be in great shape, but i will be relieved when we get back to RICKY ball. and a solid bend but don't break defense.

can't wait till sunday.............I hope taylor explodes for some sacks. I do miss armstrong coming around the outside and killing those 3rd down drives........
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