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Sep 9, 2004
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Just bought tickets to opening game @ Buffalo. How is the experience there for Dolphin fans. I know there are usually a lot of them, how are Bills fans in regards of hostility. Anyone sit in the lower end-zone before? Thanks for the feedback.
Being a Bills fan I can't give you a Dolphins fan's input on attending a Bills away game, but I can tell you what I know.

I live a couple of hundred miles from Buffalo and try to get to one game a year. Every game I have attended, the Bills have lost.

There have been other teams fans there, Pats, Broncos, Texans, etc, (never been to a Dolphins game there), and I have never seen any problems. Even when Bills fans are in an ugly mood after those games.

People behave and enjoy themselves, as far as I can see. Like everywhere else, if your drunk and handing out abuse, or respond to fools taunting you, trouble may follow.

You don't walk across the road to where a group of grease balls are hanging out and tread on one of there toes. Mind your own business and have a good time.
I have been to one in there in probably about 8 years or so and i was still a kid. I went in all aqua and orange and took a lot of crap, but it was all in fun. The end zones are from i hear the worst parts to be in if you are the opposing team. Buffalo is a great city for people and you will more than likely be fine, they might be pretty upset after they loose by 3 or 4 td's though. Ill probably end up getting tickets at some point and making it to that game.
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