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Dolphin's Buzz is Overflowing


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Feb 12, 2002
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Orange County, CA
I just thought that this was kind of interesting. While at the gym today I was walking out of the locker room and two guys (one wearing a Chargers shirt) were walking out talking about how good the Dolphins were going to be this year. I stopped and talked to these guys and it turns out the guy with the Chargers shirt is actually a big Patsies fan and the other one is a Fay-Duhs fan. They got into the conversation because they were both counting the 'Fins games as losses for their respective teams.

They were both saying how incredible they though RW was going to be and how great a trade it was for the 'Fins. This- at least in my mind- was a small affirmation as to how awesome the 'Fins are perceived to be at this point. Let's hope that all this preseason talk and hype manifests itself into an incredible season. :D

I am originally from PA in the heart of the STILLERS COUNTRY!!!! All my buddies are looking forward to the PHINS coming up there in January!! As you guys know I really can't say that won't happen knowing how the PHINS always have their annual DECEMBER collapse!! Let's hope they fix it and my boys from the north will come and visit me, as ZACH lays out the BUS again!!!OH YEAH!!!:lol:
I was listening to a Detroit sports talk show on the radio tonight and they're chalking up week one as a loss for the Lions and went on the say how scary the Dolphins are looking right now with RW and a possible huge running game to go with the defense.
Goosebumps, Expo.......GOOSEBUMPS!

Man, I'm not jinxing nothing.......but I am sooooo looking forward to this season.:D
oh man, I won't say a damn thing, cause we have to get through Training camp without people blowing out knees, breaking legs, and spraining ankles first.

Well see who takes the field come Sept.

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